What FPU Graduates Are Saying About Their Fight Promoter University Experience…

“Thanks to FPU, I secured my first nationally televised boxing event on Fox Sports and had a sell out capacity event here in Brisbane, Australia. FPU is blunt and confronting, but with the lessons presented, its everything we need to understand to succeed.”


“FPU graduate, Donna English, was awarded female promoter of the year by the NABF and one of her fights was NABF fight of the year.”


“Networking was very important in attending FPU. I fell I have made some great contacts”


“The knowledge I gained was tremendous. I see I would have missed a lot of key parts of coordinating/promoting fights if I was to do this with no prior experience.”


“I feel as though I have made some lifelong friends and business associates.”


“Roy really had all the expertise and then the other speakers reinforced the overall concepts. It is evident a lot of planning and thought went into the curriculum.”


“I can’t stop telling my family and friends about what I have experienced at FPU. I can wait to starting promoting boxing and mma in Austria.” Henry Lewis, Vienna


Thanks for offering such a course as FPU, it has changed my life!” Fred Vallejo, Toledo


In my 30 yrs of business I can LOUDLY say the four days spent at Fight Promoter University was the best ‘investment’ I could have made.” Lloyd Collins, Los Angeles


“The caliber of the speakers was second to none, especially Bruce Trampler, Jackie Kallen, Marc Ratner and Ray Mancini. These are the biggest names in the business and the fact that they took the time to come out and talk to us and really made us feel like they wanted to be there was completely unbelievable. I came in thinking that boxing was a big almost unreachable world, but these people made me realize that everyone works together, and that you can make something happen even if you are not a Bob Arum or Oscar de la Hoya. Roy Englebrecht is an unbelievable teacher and unbelievable guy. I would recommend this experience to anyone, the whole thing was thorough, totally professional, and worth every penny.”

Gillian Armstrong, Vancouver, Canada


“I would highly recommend Fight Promoter University to anyone interesting in being a fight promoter. Overall, I think this was one of the best seminars I have ever attended in my career. I went to several local fights recently and could not believe how many things were done wrong! If you need a reference anytime, you got it!”

Mike Battaglia, Kansas City


The combination of the class sessions and us working the Battle In The Ballroom show on the second day was pure genius.

I learned a great deal, and would highly recommend your class to anyone wishing to learn how to become a SUCCESSFUL and HONEST fight promoter.

It was a first class operation and there is a new team in town!

Just wanted to say Thanks again for all of the good advice! I came to FPU because there was so much that I didn't know and didn't feel so confident in speaking with venues, selling sponsorships, etc. The day after I came home I did everything you taught and guess what??????????

We stuck to all of your suggestions and operating procedures and it worked out well for us. The commission and other promoters in attendance complimented the show. We are now going to try and look for more sponsors because,...

Canuck attends Fight Promoter University

Thanks for everything Roy!!! I really feel that attending FPU II is gonna make a BIG change in my life. For starters

I'm working on securing a venue for 6 dates in 07 starting in February in Atlanta, calling it the Atlanta Fight Club.