Fight Promoter University Presented by Roy Englebrecht Promotions Thu, 24 Jul 2014 17:16:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fight Promoter U VIII Online Announced Fri, 11 May 2012 04:16:56 +0000 drew With the success of the past seven sessions of Fight Promoter University, with nearly 150 FPU alumni around the world, and the next session of Fight Promoter University set for June 5-8, founder and fight promoter Roy Englebrecht announced today that the entire FPU VIII four day session will now be available online, with the entire four days of classes streaming live on PPV.

“ Over the past few years so many people have contacted me stating how much they want to come to a FPU session, but for some reason the date didn’t work for them, or that they were in another country and the travel costs and visa requirements just made it too difficult, so I had to come up with an answer, said Englebrecht. “With our June 5-8 FPU VIII session we are announcing that all of the 17 classroom sessions and 18 guest speakers will be available live and online to anymore on the planet for only $499. Plus, we will also include the newly updated 320 page Fight Promoter University Manual, a must for any new or existing fight promoter, plus anyone watching online can tweet their questions in real time to any speaker and get answer. Also if you can’t watch some of the classes, the entire FPU VIII session will be archived for 60 days, so people that purchase the PPV have 60 days to watch each session as many times as they want.”

The June 5-8 FPU VIII session will see a stellar guest line up notables in the fight business, including Golden Boy CEO Richard Schafer, Top Rank executive Bruce Trampler, former Strikeforce VP Andrew Ebel, top MMA agent Ken Pavia, M-1 Global attorney and fight promoter Steve Bash, founder Karl Freitag, and California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer George Dodd,  to name a few.

Students who are coming to FPU VIIII will not only get to sit in on all the classroom sessions but will also get hands-on experience in the set up of the Fight Club OC show venue, as well as work at the show handling a number of the show operational needs.

To sign up and receive Fight Promoter University VIII PPV online, as well as see a list of all guest speakers and the entire schedule of classes, go to

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Fight Promoter University Session Announced For April Tue, 10 Jan 2012 21:26:26 +0000 drew For Immediate Release, Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Contact: Roy Englebrecht,, 949-760-3131
With the inaugural season of the first hybrid fight series in America in the books, and the buzz about Fight Club OC all over the fight business landscape, promoter and Fight Promoter University founder Roy Englebrecht announced today that the next four day session of Fight Promoter University, FPV VIII, will be held April 10-13, 2012 in Southern California and will be held in conjunction with the April 12th Fight Club OC show.

“I am extremely excited to finally announce another FPU session,” said Englebrecht, “and I’m thrilled that attendees and future promoters will get to learn and experience all aspects of the fight promotions business, as well as be taught all the keys to the success of new Fight Club OC concept that we launched a year ago. I want every student at FPU VIII to go back to their respective markets and launch their own fight promotions business, with the same principles that has quickly made Fight Club OC the most successful club show in decades.”
“McDonald’s has Hamburger U, Donald Trump has The Apprentice, so why not a place for future fight promoters to learn all aspects of how to build a fight promotions business from scratch,” continued Englebrecht. “And with a great line up of ten guest speakers including some of the best in the fight business, the hands on experience of working a Fight Club OC show, and the chance to network with other people who share a love for combative sports, attending Fight Promoter University is a must. Plus students can take advance of our Special Early Bird Sign-Up Discount to save money.”
FPU VIII students will be housed and all classroom sessions will be held at The Hotel Hanford, new boutique hotel located in Costa Mesa, California, only five minutes for The Hangar, the home of Fight Club OC. Cost for the four day FPU VIII session will be $1,599, and that fee includes three nights lodging, all meals, the 265 page FPU Manual, FPU credential, all local transportation, FPU merchandise, and all classroom instruction.
To register for Fight Promoter University VIII, and to take advantage of the Early Sign Up Discount go to

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“I can’t stop telling my family and friends about what I have experienced at FPU. I can wait to starting promoting boxing and mma in Austria.” Henry Lewis, Vienna Tue, 10 Jan 2012 21:15:14 +0000 drew

“I can’t stop telling my family and friends about what I have experienced at FPU. I can wait to starting promoting boxing and mma in Austria.” Henry Lewis, Vienna

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FPU Graduate Promotes First Pro Show Sun, 06 Mar 2011 08:10:14 +0000 drew Roy,

Thank you again for all your help. As a former FPU graduate, I took my experiences into the real world and just recently had my first show in Harrisburg, PA. It was a great success for my first time out, as we had over 700 people in attendance and broke even when it was all said and done. The first show is always going to be the beginning point to grow from, so I am pleased and optimistic for our future.

Like you said, their are always things to learn and improve upon from each and every show. But, without FPU and your availability during my promotion to answer questions I can’t say I would feel as confident as I do now. We even signed our first fighter and had a world ranked light heavyweight in our main event!

As we gear up for our second show in just a couple months, I have no doubt we’ll turn a profit and be a success moving forward.


Nick Payton

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What FPU VII Students are Saying Fri, 13 Aug 2010 03:55:03 +0000 drew Roy…

Not sure if you remember me or not but my name is Chuck Wichert. I was in your FPU class in Aug 2006. Currently then, I owned the Alaska Fighting Championship since 2004. I sold it the end of 2007 when I decided to leave Alaska. It was a tremendous success and even a bigger financial success since I attended your class. I felt the additions I made left me in a great spot to sell the organization for what I did.

I’m contacting you for a couple reasons…1, if you ever need a guest speaker, please keep me in mind as I have consulted for many mma organizations to ensure proper success.

2, After I graduated from your school, I started my own mma management company. I personally have been able to put 8 pro fighters into the UFC. I was able to obtain names like Thiago Silva, Thiago Alves, Marcus Aurelio and more in 2007-2008. In the end of 2008, I released all my clients as I took an air traffic position in Dubai, not thinking I could give these guys the time needed. Just last month I had a meeting with my lawyer and another partner and have decided to restart our management firm. I now have 18 fighters under contract, some well known and unsigned with a major org. I see you are now doing mma. I would like for my guys to be considered for your future events and you can expect nothing less of great character and a great show from my guys. My partner is also training pro boxers in Detroit, MI and many of our mma fighters were pro boxers before, so if ever in need of pro boxers, please let me know also.

I hope your Thanksgiving was well and hope you have a great holiday coming up! Hope to hear from you.

Best Wishes,

Chuck Wichert
President, Hard Knocks Sports Entertainment and Event Consulting

Hi Roy!

I just wanted to shoot a little hello and also check for any new news on your website package deal?

Things back here in great ‘ol Oklahoma are shaping up nicely. I’m proud to say that we have a few things brewing at the moment and our confidence level in handling them has just skyrocketed with all of our new found FPU knowledge! Bobby knows as well as anyone just how much I covet my FPU bible – it’s borderline pathetic.

I hope all is well back in Cali. I’d love to stay in touch… besides, I’m sure I’ll be needing to pick your brain before too long!

Please let us know as soon as possible when you get more information on your website package deal. We’re looking to create a second website asap.

Warm Regards,

Christi Mano
Edmond, OK
FPU VII Graduate

H i Roy,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to share some feedback with you in regards to the FPU class. I was very pleased with the experience and impressed with the insight shared by all speakers including yourself. The curriculum was very professional and concise. It was definitely beneficial for the success of my future promotion career and gave me a solid foundation. Your attention to detail and promotion experience was beyond my expectations.

Just to refresh your memory….I was the student who lives in Phoenix and interested in pursuing the Fight promotion business in my home town – El Paso, Texas. I know the El Paso market very well and know for a fact the city will welcome the events. As I mentioned to you it’s critical to me that my first event portray a “Battle in the Ballroom” professionalism. How much would you charge me to assist me on my first event? I don’t have a date scheduled yet but have a selection of venues. I plan to initiate the promoter license process this week.

Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Leo Sanchez, MBA
FPU VII Graduate
Luxury Home Specialist
Real Estate Investment Consultant
Equity Executives, Real Estate Group


I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate and enjoyed my time at FPU VII. It was really more insight and education than I thought I was gonna get. You really are running a first class program!

I truly believe that, as long as I can endure the first time hurdles and bumpy roads, I can become a successful fight promoter with the knowledge and experience you’ve passed on. There’s no doubt I will call upon your expertise and wisdom that you willingly offered to us, as we enter into the fight game. I am one of the lucky ones to have had the opportunity to attend FPU and to be able to have an open door invite to your experience and guidance from here on out.

Thanks again!

Gabriel Gomez
FPU VII Graduate/Alumnus
Austin, TX

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